What are the Hamburger Menu Icon Options?

The Hamburger Menu Icon Options (3 lines) can be found on any board and basically is the "Bread and Butter" in creating transparency and increasing productivity and organization in your company :) 

See the options below when you click on the Hamburger Menu Icon, but here are descriptions about them. 

  • Add Group of Pulses - click this to add a group of pulses on the board and start writing in all of your projects and tasks! 
  • Rename Board - change the name of the board to something new! 
  • Edit Description - your cursor will jump over to the description box underneath the name of the board
  • Board Permissions - The owner of the board (the person who created the board) has the ability to change the board permissions found here
  • Manage Subscribers - This is where you add subscribers to the board, click the people icon to add new subscribers
  • Email Preferences - This is where you can choose a daily digest email from all of the updates and activity on boards and pulses that you are subscribed to. The default is Daily Email.
  • Duplicate Board - Creating a duplicate board can be found here
  • Change Board Type - the owner of the board has the ability to change the board from main, to standard or to private and vs. versa. See how here
  • Export to Excel - This option allows you to export the board to Excel
  • Print This Board - This option allows you to print the board in portrait or landscape form
  • Full Screen View - This allows you to see your dapulse board as a full screen 
  • Calendar Integration - More information about that can be found here
  • Archived Pulses/Groups - Click here to view and restore your archived pulses
  • Delete Permanently - Find out how to delete the board 
  • Archive this Board - Find out how to archive the board



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