Can I move multiple pulses at one time?

We have launched the ability to easily move multiple pulses at once! With just a few clicks, you can now move multiple pulses to another group or board. 


  • Hover over the color line of one of the pulses you'd like to move. 

  • Use the boxes to select the pulses you'd like to move
  • As you select pulses, you will find the count of pulses with actions at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on "Move to"
  • Select either "Move to group" or "Move to board"

  • If you select "Move to group", you can choose from a list of groups on the board

  • If you select "Move to Board", you can choose from a list of Boards within the account


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    Thomas Patouillaud

    Hello ! Great news ! However is it live for everyone ? It doesn't work on my account. Thanks

    Edited by Thomas Patouillaud