Cancel, delete, or close my account

There are so many ways to say goodbye, and we're very sad to see you go :(

If you would like to cancel/delete, deactivate, stop or close your account and YOU'RE NOT a paying client, you don't need to do anything as your account will run until the end of your trial OR you can click Close my account as seen below through the admin section. Closing or stopping your account is also the same as deactivating. 

**Note: No credit card was taken when your admin signed up for the free trial

If YOU ARE a paying client with us and would like to cancel, click into your billing icon in your admin section and choose Cancel my account and follow the steps. 

 Once selected your account will be cancelled.  

***Note: Refunds are only given to yearly and two-yearly plans within the first 30 days of paying and your account will be blocked on refund. 

If you would like your data removed or have any further questions about cancelation, please contact our Customer Success team here


**Note: Your account will be active for the time originally paid for. 

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