Are there are keyboard shortcuts?

Currently dapulse has one keyboard shortcut but we are looking to add more in the future :) 

If you'd like to write a update in the Update Feed section inside the pulse and enter it without your mouse, click CMD+Enter and it will submit it. 

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    Steffan Halvorsen

    Hi, this is really needed when adding tasks. It takes too much time using mouse when adding tasks..

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    Effie Arman

    Hey Steffan, we are working on adding shortcuts to dapulse, stay tuned!

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    CJ Tarbox

    I think that a very useful keyboard shortcut to have would be that when you are in a pulse, adding notes or comments you should be able to hit "esc" and it would leave that pulse and go to your board. I hit "esc" constantly because in most sites similar to this, it would serve that function.