Are there are keyboard shortcuts?

Currently dapulse has one keyboard shortcut but we are looking to add more in the future :) 

If you'd like to write a update in the Update Feed section inside the pulse and enter it without your mouse, click CMD+Enter and it will submit it. 

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    Steffan Halvorsen

    Hi, this is really needed when adding tasks. It takes too much time using mouse when adding tasks..

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    Effie Arman

    Hey Steffan, we are working on adding shortcuts to dapulse, stay tuned!

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    CJ Tarbox

    I think that a very useful keyboard shortcut to have would be that when you are in a pulse, adding notes or comments you should be able to hit "esc" and it would leave that pulse and go to your board. I hit "esc" constantly because in most sites similar to this, it would serve that function.

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    Tina Rizza

    I'll add my vote to get some shortcuts going especially when adding pulses. I'm so used to hitting tab to move across cells, but it doesn't work the same way here. :)