How do I create a checklist or a To Do list?

To create a Checklist, follow the steps below:

  • Open the pulse's "Update" section by clicking on the pulse title
  • Click into the text field
  • Select the "checked icon" to the right of the text tool bar

  • Start adding to your Checklist! 

To mark your Checklist item's as complete:

Click the circle to the left of the list item, this will check the circle and mark it green for complete. It will also cross the list item off as well. 

You can easily edit the Checklist at anytime by clicking the drop down arrow at the top right of the update and select "Edit update". 


**Learn more about why, "Checklists are Great, but Subtasks Will Kill Your Productivity" here

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    Ash Bryant

    I am working through a digital project.

    Each item on my board represents a deliverable for my client. Each deliverable has a set of subtasks to complete. Anywhere from 1 to 20 subtasks.

    I want to check those off, and have the option for 'total completion' to be rolled up as a status block.