Can I upload an Excel spreadsheet into a dapulse board?

Import from Excel is now here, with just a simple upload you can turn your Excel spreadsheets into a beautiful board! 

  • Go to "integrations" in your Avatar

  • Click "Import" under Excel

  • A pop will appear to upload your Excel sheet


  • Either drag or browse for the Excel sheet you'd like to import
  • Follow the steps provided, starting with choosing your Headers


  • Select the column you'd like to be the First column


  • Select your column types. The System will suggest column types for you, you can manually change this by clicking the drop down menu. 


  • Select "Create Board" and you have your new board! 


**This feature is still in Beta, if you would like to have this in your account either activate it through "daBeta" or contact Customer Success at 

**The person and Timeline columns are in the works, for now you can import using: Text, Status, Date and Numbers. 



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