What are subscribers?

Subscribers on all board types can be either board level or pulse level.  

On the board level, they are the team members who will be notified via the Inbox, the notifications bell, and email (if they are set for email notifications), when there are updates created within the board. 


Being subscribed to a board also helps when separating your Main Boards view, you can see either "all" or "Subscribed".

They also can be "board owners" when setting permissions to "only owners can make changes"--allowing the board to not be read-only for them. 

On the pulse level, they are the team members involved in a conversation inside a pulse. Those members will get notifications from the pulse to their email whenever someone updates the feed.

You can adjust the email notifications according to how often you want to be updated about the conversation by doing the following: 

  1. Click onto your avatar and choose My Profile. 

  2. Inside your profile, click Edit Profile and the screen will open up.
  3. Choose Notifications


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