Is there a time tracking feature?

To track hours within a project, you can add a Number column and manually update the time spent on each task. 

  1. Add a Number Column
  2. Click the box "0 sum"
  3. Change "Unit" to [Space] Hours and select "R" 

Begin filling in the amount of hours for each pulse

Alternatively, you may use our external integrations with HARVEST or TOGGL.


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  • Avatar
    Jeff DeGarmo

    Need the ability to track hours within dapulse without third party integration.

  • Avatar
    Leslie Godshall

    Yes! Need an integrated clock/time log function! Integrating with Harvest doesn't really work.

  • Avatar

    This is a deal breaker for us. In built time/budget tracking is a must. I'll keep looking.

  • Avatar
    Moshe Flam

    Couldn't integrate toggl into the text field. Deal breaker for us too!
    We'll pay if you could do that...