How do I create repeating or recurring tasks? [VIDEO]

You can easily create boards with duplicate structure and/or content by duplicating the board. group or pulse.

For board: 

  1. Click the Hamburger Menu Icon (3 lines) on your board 
  2. Two options will appear: Duplicate Structure & Duplicate Structure and Content 
  3. Choose Duplicate Structure IF you want to duplicate the skeleton of the board 
  4. Choose Duplicate Structure and Content IF you want to duplicate the board plus statuses, pulses, etc.



For Group:

  1. Hover to the left of the group title and find a "arrow" drop down
  2. Click the arrow
  3. Select "Duplicate This Group"

For Pulse:

  1. Hover to the left of the pulse
  2. Click the arrow menu
  3. Select "Duplicate this pulse"

To watch in action, check out this video! 




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    This doesn't answer the question. We want to have recurring tasks such as weekly reports but there is no option to have this repeat. There should be a way to automate it by having a task show up weekly, monthly, every 4th Sunday, etc.

  • Avatar

    Same as above, this answer describes how to duplicate a board, not set a task as recurring. I want the ability to add a task that will appear for an individual once a month on a certain date until cancelled.

  • Avatar
    James Gross

    This doesn't satisfy the answer. Recurring tasks are essential to tracking, and having to duplicate groups or boards is not acceptable.. Please take this as a feature request to implement recurring tasks on a pulse level.

  • Avatar
    Katarina Eres

    Has there meanwhile been a solution to this? The above does not answer the request for repeat tasks (e.g. weekly reporting)

  • Avatar
    Javed Kamruddin

    Is this in the pipeline? It would be really useful to be able to set a repeating task with a deadline on a particular day of the week. Duplicating a weekly tasks list works to a limited degree but all the deadlines have to be changed each week, which is not seamless at all.